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Hi, I can safely say that you have a great bike. The straight handlebars are country type. It's worth noting that on a hybrid bike, the handlebar grip is quite wide. The presence of a shock-absorbing fork. The possibility of additional equipment of the bike with wings and luggage rack. The presence of mounted components belonging to the mountain bicycle group. The geometry of the frame. Thus, the shape of the hybrid bike frame allows to move on rough terrain, and the short upper tube ensures a comfortable high landing for the rider. Indeed, quite good indicators. If you decide to buy one, I recommend that you read the information on this website - Good luck to you!

Great Lakes / Re: ACA Bike Tours and the Covid Virus.
« on: June 14, 2021, 02:18:32 am »
The bicycle has long been a favorite means of transportation for Europeans. Most European countries have all the necessary infrastructure for those who want to go on a bicycle tour: cycle paths, parking lots, rest areas, rental, and repair of two-wheelers. Of course, you will travel faster than hiking, but you will see all the most exciting things with your own eyes, not through the window of the tour bus. I was on one such tour during the pandemic. My wife and I decided to buy instant covid tests at We tested every three days because it's better to start treatment right away. That way, there's a better chance of a successful recovery.

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