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Routes / Re: Beginning TransAmerica cycling trip in September
« on: August 17, 2021, 03:09:39 pm »
You may be able to do half the trip if you leave in Sept.  My brother and I left Silverthorne, CO on Sept. 30, 1978 and we got to DC a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving.  We had snow a couple of times.  It was a great time to travel!

Now I'm looking for a partner who could slowly do the western half with me.

Thank you, best of luck on the western half

Routes / Re: Beginning TransAmerica cycling trip in September
« on: July 31, 2021, 05:24:39 pm »
Barak -

Going east to west you need to start earlier - so that you are finished by early October.
That means leaving from the east no later than mid-July - or early July if you take your time.
It is better to leave early from the east - say mid-May - to avoid the hot, humid summer weather.

The touring window is larger if you go west to east, but you can't start too early because of cold and snow.
If you leave no earlier than mid-June, you will arrive in the east in early to mid September.
But you can leave as later as early August from the west, early Sept. if you are fast.

You have the longest days with a May start east-to-west. And the morning sun behind you.
A late summer/fall trip west to east has shorter and shorter days - but glorious weather.

Thank you very much.

Routes / Re: Beginning TransAmerica cycling trip in September
« on: July 30, 2021, 02:09:22 pm »
Thank you both for your detailed advice.
staehpj1 - I have read your account of the Southern Tier and found it very interesting. It is my plan B in case I have to postpone to winter. However, I would prefer not to ride it alone as a first-timer, as I understand the beginning is challenging.
jamawani - You are right, I do not know the West well and things have become even more unpredictable with climate change.
When would you recommend I set out, going east to west on the TransAm, based on your experience?

Thank you all for your advice and insight. Regarding the medication issue, it does require some planning. However, I have done my share of research to complement the advice I received and am confident that I know how to resolve the issues and plan properly.

Routes / Re: Beginning TransAmerica cycling trip in September
« on: July 24, 2021, 07:19:35 am »
Thank you very much, @staehpji1. I read the other thread and have realized that what I am considering is definitely not feasible. I will try to do the TransAm earlier and if that does not work out, will consider another route.

Thanks for the advice, @BikeliciousBabe. I will keep that in mind.

Thank you very much, @John Nettles. I will try weekends here, the problem is getting places to cycle for any sort of distance. Thanks again for your recommendations regarding pill storage.

Thank you very much for your feedback, @jwrushman, and don't worry, I did not find it offensive at all. I should note that I am living in Israel nowadays but I am American by birth, and lived in New York till the age of 13.
However, I have not been to large parts of the country, so your comments may be relevant.
I am planning on doing a few overnight excursions.

Routes / Beginning TransAmerica cycling trip in September
« on: July 24, 2021, 04:41:21 am »
I have read that the TransAm can be ridden from May to September, but wanted to know if these days, given climate change, it would be feasible to begin an eastbound or westbound crossing in early September. I have three main reasons for wanting to leave later on the trip: 1) A later start date will give me more time to save up for the trip; 2) I would prefer to have lower temperatures when cycling; 3) I would like to arrive at Yellowstone and Grand Teton in early November, as I have read there is a short period of a few weeks during which roads are closed for outside automobiles but open for cyclists.
I understand one issue with a late start is shorter riding days - is it very difficult or dangerous to ride after dark or before sunrise on the TransAm?
If possible to start in early September, would eastbound or westbound be better?
I would be grateful for informed feedback on this issue.
Many thanks in advance.

Thanks very much, #1. I will take that under consideration and am trying to reach out to Amos.

My name is Barak and I am 24 years old. I am planning on going on my first long distance cycling tour in 2022. My preferred route is the TransAm but I am also considering the Pacific Coast.
I have a few questions that I would be grateful to have answered:

1. What type of preparation is necessary in terms of riding experience? The most I have ever ridden in one day is about 20 miles and honestly, my state of physical fitness could be better.
I have read accounts of cyclists who have set out on the route with no riding experience. Do I run the risk of injury if I begin riding without developing adequate stamina?
2. Given climate change in general and the extreme weather this summer in the West this particular, what is the recommended direction and start time for the TransAm?
3. In israel, where I currently live, traffic accidents involving cyclists on roads (better said, cyclists getting run over) are very frequent and a major concern. Is this an issue on the TransAm and the Pacific Coast?
Thank you all in advance.
If anyone is interested in joining me, feel free to contact me. I am flexible on direction and departure date.

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