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General Discussion / Re: Laundry
« on: August 08, 2021, 06:04:37 am »
If you're concerned about stench, it's worth picking up some merino wool shirts. I was skeptical about the claims that merino doesn't smell, but bought some in preparation for my GDMBR trip. I did some testing with them, wearing the same shirt for multiple consecutive training rides. So the shirt was literally completely soaked through with sweat during a 2+ hour summer ride, then simply hung up to dry. After six fully cycles of this, the shirt still did not smell. It was starting to feel a little grimy (nothing too terrible, though), so I finally threw it in the washer.

But that was enough to convert me. For my tour, I will be bringing only merino shirts—no synthetics or typical cycling jerseys. The prices can be a little discouraging, but by shopping the discount sites and buying prior year apparel, you can get them for less than the cost of a typical jersey.

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