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General Discussion / Re: Shout Out
« on: October 18, 2021, 10:28:30 pm »
I recently completed my first cross country ride from Portland, Oregon to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was a self supported solo trip.  I just wanted to say "Thank You" to those of you who post on here and those of you who gave me personal advice.  All of your advice was welcomed and most heeded.  I found that most of it was spot on.   Also a Hi to all the great people I met along the way.....Doc, Warren, Tony and many others.  It was inspirational how kind and caring most people are.  Also a shout out to ACA for their great maps, both print and digital.  I wish I would have purchased both from the start!  I truly enjoyed my visit to the ACA headquarters in Missoula!  One other home bike shop, Attitude Sports in Fond du Lac, WI was instrumental in making my journey possible with product, advice and support!  Thank you Dave, Justin, Kyle and Pat!

What a ride :))

Again.......Thank You!


Awwww... How wholesome!

General Discussion / Re: Northern Tier East to West June - August 2022
« on: October 18, 2021, 10:23:15 pm »
If you're still looking for riders in April, May, please re-post this.  I did the NT in 2019 but may be interested in joining you for a week. 

Are you going to do the NT as-is, or start in Rhode Island?  Cutting across Ontario and Michigan, or going south through Ohio and Michigan?  Camping?

I probably start from Providence, RI and get to the NT route at Rochester NY. I will be camping most nights but have occasional hotel luxury :)
I will definitely re-post this when it get closer! It will be nice to bike together!

General Discussion / Re: Northern Tier East to West June - August 2022
« on: October 18, 2021, 10:16:51 pm »
To address your question - you might not find a suitable riding partner before you leave, or realize after a few days (if not weeks), that your chosen riding partner is not compatible.

As noted in other posts throughout the forum, don't be a afraid to ride by yourself. After years of touring, most of us old guys only run solo - no compromises necessary: no audience to watch us struggle, no pressure to keep up, no disagreement on how much garlic is needed in the spaghetti sauce.... Coming out of graduate school, you might appreciate the autonomy.

Although slightly fewer riders head east to west - due in part to the folklore and myths of the prevailing surface winds noted by all above - you'll still run consistently into fellow riders and potential for at least transient riding partners all along the way, especially if you are camping.

Don't sweat the little stuff and have fun.

OMG thank you for the wisdom! The reason I want to find some partners is that I saw the video of Sarah and her partners biking on the transAm and became good friends on the trip. I really want that. But like you said, I will probably run into to many riders along the way especially at camp sites!

General Discussion / Re: Northern Tier East to West June - August 2022
« on: October 18, 2021, 10:04:06 pm »
No, not me. You will find the northern tier route very good for cycling. I did 2600 miles of it in 1987, west to east. I flew to Seattle from Florida to avoid the head winds I hear about. There were some strong following winds. How strong? Like tearing along at 30 mph and going over hills and rises hardly needing to pedal. I would say the winds were 40 mph, maybe stronger at times. That did not go on for a long time, but I would not have wanted to go against it. You most likely will not need cold weather gear till after the foot hills, out west. You will be climbing a long time, sweating hard, and going into high altitude cold. Use breathable fabric for your jacket and pants. If not, you will be soaked, cold, with no way to dry and get warm.

Thank you for the advice! And great job on your past ride!

General Discussion / Northern Tier East to West June - August 2022
« on: September 18, 2021, 12:46:47 pm »
I'm a graduate student in Providence, RI, graduating next May. What's a better way to celebrate graduation than biking across the country? I'm planning on ridding the Northern Tier early June and finish before September (about 50 miles a day with some rest days). I know it's still super early but is there anyone who are interested in ridding together?

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