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Gear Talk / Re: Gear that I was glad to have taken
« on: November 19, 2022, 01:38:28 pm »
Chair - Elite "Monarch Chair" that is about the size of a large breakfast burrito when rolled up in its bag.  Balance on two chair legs with your own legs providing the other two.  REI has them

Bud Vase - Plastic cigar tubes will hold all the flowers you want to carry on your handle bars and not obscure your forward vision.  The added aero drag is price you will pay for thumbs up from people and for being a conversation starter.

110 battery charger - most of the electronic items cyclists use (lights, radio, odometers, etc.) use AA or AAA batteries.  Buy packs of 4 rechargeable batteries of the two sizes you need (AA and AAA) and charge using the device that will charge either size battery from readily available 110 outlets.   I have had good success with EBL batteries and wall charger.

If one must have wine for dinner - box wine avoids the weight of glass, holds several bottles worth of the wine in the same space, and is alleged to keep better and be of equal quality to bottled every-day wines.

Gear Talk / Re: Overshoes or Goretex Socks?
« on: November 19, 2022, 01:00:00 pm »
I followed tips from the ultra-lite backpacking guides regarding keeping one's feet dry. I used thin plastic vegetable bags available at any supermarket.  I put these on over my sox so they were between my shimano shoes and my sox.   I do not have sweaty feet normally, so the lack of ventilation was not a problem. I also did not have to wear this arrangement long.  The plastic bags may be the best short term free solution.

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