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Routes / Re: INTELL - Big Sur Slide
« on: October 19, 2023, 05:56:32 pm »
Yes, my Son and I went through with a Brit and a German around 6:15pm after the work crews and security had cleared out. Don't go through there when they are working, the German who was with us, got tackled a week earlier by security for trying to go through in the middle of the afternoon. Regardless, we actually rode through the slide area once we got around the road blocks. I don't think Cal Trans cares as long as you stay out of their way, meaning wait til they have all left the area. I heard of some folks going through early in the morning, but that would be in the dark. We camped at Plaskett Creek that night, so we had a 10mile ride in the dark on HIghway 1, but there is no traffic which made for a great ride. Kirk Creek, immediately south of the slide is open, but I'm told they have no running water.

Went through the slide area (known as Peter's Slide) last week. you can walk through the slide area, but make sure the security and construction crews have cleared out before you go forward.

Routes / INTELL - Big Sur Slide
« on: October 19, 2023, 02:15:13 pm »
Highway 1 is closed below Lucia at Peter's Slide. We rode down there last week and went through the slide area, with several other cyclists around 6:30pm after the security and construction crews had left. Many are taking advantage of this. All of the cyclists in the various campgrounds that we spoke to were or had walked through the slide. It appears that Cal Trans is looking the other way as long as you slip through during no-work hours.

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