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I called the Ranger station at Detroit and part of N46 is still closed.  Do you know if I can take N47 instead just south of RippleBrook and take it under Timothy lake then Skyline to get to 26S and go through the Res down to Prineville?

If not thoughts on Take Columbia Historic Trial East to Hood River then South on 35 to 26/side roads to Prineville as a second choice?



Called the Ranger station at Detroit (503) 854-3366) parts told the parts of 46 will be closed for 4 more months and to use 22 from Salem to Prineville

We are on road bikes - Boone 5 for me w 32's on  and an old Madone 4.9  with gatorskins for my son (who has done the northern tier) pulling a burley. If that doesn't change your advice will look at the Estacada to Detriot (after calling stations) to be our route.  If your travels ever find you in Maryland area - happy to return the travel advice.


Thanks.  Given the fire damage etc.  Should I just take the Trans Am route Portland to just north of Eugene then out 126 over McKenzie Bridge and east on 242/126? 

Much apprecated 

Need to get from Portland to Prineville to start Trans Am on Road Bike pulling a Burley. Never did this section.  Instead of heading South from Portland to Eugene then East and getting a 10 mile Cat 1 @ South Sisters.  May I have your thoughts on either alt Route (views, logistics, traffic relative difficulty):

1. Take 224 to 20 to Cloverdale then on Holmes Road up to Eagle rock and pick up 370 somewhere after Terrebonne


2.  Go out towards HOOD but use side roads trails like Spingwater Corridor then at @ Hood take 26 south all way to or get off  at Skyline Snopark and take Oregon Skyline Road (if traffic too bad on 26)

Best - Rob

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