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Youth Bicyle Travel / Re: Youth Cross Country Tour in 2010
« on: August 27, 2009, 08:38:00 am »
I am considering a cross country bicycle trip with several of my children for the summer of 2010. My youngest will be 12. I am thinking that he may need to ride on a double bike with me or one of his siblings. My husband can't come due to work.

Has anyone out there done something like this?

Can you tell me what cause you plan on riding for and what route you have planned?

How many miles a day are you thinking of and what adult to child ratio did you have in mind?

Also, do all the kids need touring bikes? We currently have hybrids.

I am assuming that this will be a self-contained trip. Do you have any cost estimates?

And finally, have you chosen a cause for your fundraising?

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