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You are correct; this will be challenging!  First, we live in Oregon (one of us on the Oregon coast between Lincoln City & Newport, and one in Portland).  We have now decided to ride from Bandon, Or (on the southern Oregon coast) to Powers, OR, then take the Glendale to Powers bike route to Glendale, then somewhat follow last years Cycle Oregon route but end up going via Butte Falls to Rocky Point (along the north end of Lake Klamath), then via Chiloquin & Bly to Lakeview.  We will head south to just north of Alturas, CA where we will head east over Cedar Pass to Gerlach, NV.  We will then ride south to Fernley, NV where we will pick up the Western Express Route.  There will only be 2 - 3 of us but we are supported.  If conditions become too extreme (and they may in August) we have an RV available.  This is not a route I would probably do that time of year without support.

Some friends and I are planning to go cross country this summer and want to leave from Florence, OR and connect with the Western Express which we will take to Pueblo, CO where we will connect with the Transamerican route.  Would appreciate suggestions on the best route(s) to take to get to Fallon.  We were thinking of crossing OR to get to 395 (there are several options for doing this - suggestions appreciated), going south on 395 until just North of Arturas, CA where we would then cross over to Garlach, NV, then south to Fallon.  Is this doable?  Thank you!

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« on: November 16, 2009, 06:09:06 pm »
I live on the Oregon coast a few miles north of Newport.  By all means start in Newport and ride south to Florence (should be a short 1 day ride, unless you "stop to smell the roses" which I highly recommend; also it is more downhill than uphill!).  There are some great bike rides out of Newport, especially the Yaquina Bay Road, and an excellent bike shop (Newport Bike Shop).  The ride between Newport and Florence is breathtaking.  The towns of Waldport & Yachats will help break the ride up a bit.  The only caution I would give you is that as you head south out of Newport use care crossing the bridge over Yaquina Bay; there can be heavy wind gusts & it is not particularly bike friendly; I normally walk my bike over - there is a pedestrial walk area).  Newport has a world class aquarium, if that interest you.  If you have any specific questions about the area, I'll be happy to try to answer them.

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