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Gear Talk / Re: Trekking Bars?
« on: December 21, 2009, 06:23:49 pm »
Thanks all for the tips, a kindly soul, had a spare set and gave them to me for "shipping", thanks again and my LBS finally got a source so now both our MTB's have been converted to the "trekking bars" and we couldn't be happier!! We noticed were not "shaking our hands" out and the little nagging pain in the lower neck is gone too and that's just riding around the area MUP's and Rail-trails! Now we just have wait till late spring/summer to try our hand at some overnight/weekend "mini-tours", working our way up to multi-days in the future, again, THANKS!

Gear Talk / Re: Trekking Bars?
« on: December 08, 2009, 08:33:12 am »
Not absolutely sure what you mean by trekking bars.  Do you mean butterfly bars? 

Thanks, I knew they had another name but didn't know it, yes it sounds like that's the bars I'm asking about. For some reason my LBS seems to be having a hard time finding a supplier for this style of bar, I'll give him the "Butterfly Bar" name and see if that makes it easier to find for them, again thanks. We've got high extentions on our MTB straight bars now but I think the butterfly bars would offer better usage riding roads!

Colorado / Re: CEO Jim in colorado
« on: December 06, 2009, 11:45:18 am »
It was a very informitive meeting, we've decided to join ACA even though we are "total beginners", although were going to wait till Jan. to join up. We were very impressed that CEO Jim spent time on the idea of "Overnighters", that's how we plan most of 2010, then going up to "multi-days" in 2011. Was really afraid this org. was just for those folks that can afforad "epic tours", but from what we were shown, there's room for fledglings like US too!  :)

Colorado / Re: Introduce Yourself
« on: December 06, 2009, 11:34:02 am »
Howdy, I'm B.J. Ondo and along with my wife Jo, we have just gotten back into bicycling in early 2009. We bought MTB's but found out we like path/rail-trail and road riding more so we converted our MTB's into more roadworthy hybrids. We are extreeme beginners, just looking into the touring riders world and will join ACA in Jan. 2010.

We went to a presentation for the ACA in Colorado Springs on Dec. 4th. and fell in love with "idea" of becoming touring riders, now the hard part comes, working our way UP to be able to tour :-[ So we plan to start with easy overnighters in 2010 and start working towards "multi-day" tours towards the end of the summer. Being 50+ riders and Jo working retail we don't get a lot of time to "train" so we will do the best we can and work towards the goal of riding from CO. to Maine 8 years from now when we go on Social Security, put all our stuff in storeage and head out for as long as it takes! :) Hope to meet some of you along the road in the future!

Gear Talk / Trekking Bars?
« on: December 06, 2009, 11:00:37 am »
My wife and I got back into bicycling this year, we bought a couple of hardtail MTB's, thought we'd be riding mostly off road but have decided we really prefer paths/trails and road riding. We've converted over to thinner road type tires, added racks, etc. and even "extentions" to our straight bars but I've been looking at "Trekking Bars". Has anyone here changed over to Trekking Bars?  If you have let me know what you think about them. We still do some of the "dirt paths", in our area (Pikes Peak Greenway and Santa Fe Trail) so we didn't want to go to full drop bars, thanks any help would be greatly appreciated.

B.J. and Jo Ondo
Slowly working our way into touring! :)

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