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Gear Talk / Re: Replacement for Continental Top Touring Tires
« on: December 22, 2013, 06:00:48 pm »
I formerly toured on Conti TT2K in 700x37c. They worked well for me, but I did get the occasional flat. Now that they are gone, even though I have a couple of spares, I have switched to Conti Sport Contact, in 700x37c and Vittoria Randonneur Hyper in 700x38c. Both are at least as fast as the TT2K and both are much more impervious to flats.

General Discussion / Re: Firearms
« on: March 13, 2013, 08:21:38 am »
A couple of minor details:

If you are planning on going from South to North along the Pacific coast, you will be going against a significant headwind. Good luck. Most riders plan to ride from North to South. You might escape much of this by riding inland of the first major ridgeline.

If you are actually planning to bring a gun, consider that carry laws vary among the states, and that the only land route between Alaska and the Lower 48 states goes through Canada and they severely frown on handguns being brought into the country. Don’t spend your vacation in jail.

General Discussion / Re: Near miss with truck on Trans-Am
« on: July 05, 2012, 10:13:27 am »
I have had good luck as well as bad luck with truck drivers. Last year I got blasted by a truck horn. Fortunately I had a pretty wide shoulder and was well out of the way. Earlier a truck had waited patiently while I was going through a tunnel with no shoulder. He waited behind me while I cleared the tunnel and moved over to the shoulder on the road. I really appreciated that.

Gear Talk / Re: Gear increments
« on: June 22, 2012, 03:15:31 pm »
Compared to the ”good old days,” 9 spd clusters are heavenly compared to the old 5 speed stuff. With them it really was a matter of picking and choosing how to cover the desired range and the desired steps. Now with 9 sp. stuff I can have my cake and eat it too. As a certified old geezer, I live very comfortably with 20-32-42 rings and 12-36 9 spd clusters. In 700c I get 15” to 95” range with nice intervals. I am happy as hell with current gearing. I only wish I had it 40 yrs. ago.

Gear Talk / Re: 26 inch wheels and tires
« on: August 10, 2011, 09:55:12 am »
In my experience, 26” tires tend to be inherently slow, but there are exceptions. I have recently discovered Conti Sport Contact tires. They make several sizes in 26” and 700c. The 26” are available in 1.3” and 1.6”, the 700c in 28, 32 and 37. I got some 1.6” and mounted them on my expedition touring bike and put 700x37c Sport Contact on my 700c touring bike. To my pleasant surprise, they are both equally fast, much better than some of the Schwalbe and Conti tires I have tried previously.

Gear Talk / Re: Sandles?
« on: April 29, 2011, 08:32:01 am »
I recently got a pair of the Keen Commuter II sandal/riding shoes. So far they seem very nice.

Routes / Re: Tidewater Potomac Route options?
« on: April 23, 2011, 09:57:48 pm »
I would recommend you stay off 301 in Virginia. Most of it doesn't seem to have a shoulder, and what shoulder it does have is soft gravel. Not good.

The ACA Heritage trail crosses the Potomac near Washington and proceeds south. That might be a much better way.

Gear Talk / Re: Are you happy with your disc brakes?
« on: April 05, 2011, 02:55:23 pm »
I bought a Salsa Vaya frame last year and built it up with Avid Road BB7 mechanical disk brakes. They seem to be working very well. This is my first experience with disk brakes for bikes and I am pleased.

That WA route keeps looking better and better. I have found a cluster of motels in the Salmon River area of northern Vancouver. I anticipate my first rest day there, then east on Route 14 and cross at Umatilla.

Connecting ACA Routes / Re: Portland, OR to Northern Tier
« on: March 30, 2011, 08:28:56 am »
An alternative from Portland is the Lewis & Clark Route East to Missoula, then the Great Parks North route from Missoula to Columbia Falls, MT where you pick up the Northern Tier route. Pre scouted and mapped the whole way.

Years ago when I did the Pacific Coast, I also started in Seattle and when I hit Longview, I stayed on the WA side and crossed at Cathlamet on the bridge and little ferry. This time I am heading East. Looking at the traffic cam photos of the bridge, I think I will take the tip from Jeff and take the back route that parallels I-5 on the WA side down to Vancouver, WA and stay on the WA side and head up the Columbia River on Rt 14, crossing to the OR side at Umatilla. I fly out on May 11. My first night will be in Tukwila, a block from an REI where I can pick up fuel for my stove and any last minute incidentals. My first night on the road will be at either Belfair State Park or Twanoh State Park. After that, who knows.

Thanks everyone for the tips and suggestions.

I do have the mapset of the Lewis & Clark route. I will look it up when I get home.

The Lewis & Clark Bridge looks like one of those "grit your teeth and go" one time only bridges. I have been looking at traffic cam photos. Looks like a narrow lane with plenty of trash.

Is there a time of day when south bound traffic is at a minimum?

I was unaware of the route on the northern side of the river. I will try to investigate it further.

Routes / Safety on the Lewis and Clark Bridge at Longview Washington
« on: March 21, 2011, 04:21:15 pm »
I have seen photos of the Lewis and Clark Bridge, including closeups showing what passes for a shoulder bike lane. Any experience on how safe that route is. I am planning on flying into SEATAC and heading south, crossing the Columbia River at Longview and proceeding east on the Lewis and Clark trail to Missoula, then transitioning to the Northern Tier to Erie PA and south to Pittsburgh, then the Alleghany Passage and C&O Canal to Washington.

Gear Talk / Re: ToUrIng SHoEs
« on: November 29, 2010, 05:26:12 am »
As a former racer I started touring on toe clips and straps with cleated racing shoes. When I got off the bike, I had to slip on walking shoes. Now I use SPD compatible mountain bike shoes. They lock in my feet on the pedals, allow more “float” than my old racing shoes, and allow me to walk around without changing shoes.

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