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Gear Talk / Re: 2009 Bike Friday New World Tourist vs Dahon Speed TR
« on: January 03, 2010, 09:55:31 am »
Went shopping for folding bikes over this last summer - ended up with a NWT.

Looked at the Dahons - some were OK.

Ended up with a NWT - partially because of the kind of riding I do with my wife (she got one too) with the suitcases and w/o the trailer hardware.
I have flown with it several times (just about to again) without any trouble - besides getting gouged for standard luggage charges once - not the "special" fees they have for bikes.

The nice thing about Green Gear / Bike Friday is that you can get the kind of bike you want built for you, as opposed to taking the standard offerings of Dahon.

We went with the NWT with 3x9 gearing.  The dual-drive was interesting, but we decided to stay away from it to keep us with technology that we could get just about anywhere (well, except for the Capreo hub and rear cluster, as I'm discovering through reading - but I don't think I am going to have any immediate problems with them).

If you wanted to go full on road, then you could look at the Pocket Rocket series, with the 451 wheels (which are kind of hard to find tires for), or stay with the 406 wheels of the NWT or the other pocket bikes.

If you like flat bars - you can do that.  Drop, that too.  Funky H bars - they got them too.  Barcons, STI, Gripshift - whatever setup you want.


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