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Gear Talk / Softride touring bike?
« on: March 16, 2005, 07:45:14 pm »
I ride a softride, Norwester, which is not the highend bike, but has a more typical frame (rear wheel triangle) and think it is very comfortable.  I have riden a couple of 400 mile trips in comfort, in fact it is even more comfortable than my mtb. The company does not seem to advertise and it apears the primary bicycle mag will not include them in reviews or alternative bikes to ride.  The shoip owner stated that the newer straight beams had problems, while the bent style was durable. I now have about 12 K on the bike with no issues, other than it is not a light as many newer bikes.  Prior to this bike I had a typcial frame bike and hand numbness was common, in fact one of my friends (softride owner) recently purchaed a new Ti bike and told me that numbness was an issue again.      

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