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Thanks for the input everyone.  I ended up with a Novara Conversion jacket for $50.  It's made of some light weight cordura rolls up to fit in the back of my jersey.  Unlike the Novara jersey's it actually does fit true to size or at least similar to Sugoi's stuff.  Happy trails!

The weather here in Missoula, Montana has been crazy lately.  Does anyone know of a good jacket light enough to stow in the back of my jersey ideally with zip off arms and not that bright safety green?

General Discussion / Re: need a bike route from Spokane to Missoula
« on: June 30, 2010, 06:11:19 pm »
I agree with johnsondasw.  I just met some folks yesterday who took the Lochsa route.  On your way through you can stop at Jerry Johnson or Weir Hot Springs, or get a cabin for relatively inexpensive at Lochsa Lodge which is great!  Stop into Free Cycles where I work here in Missoula if you need a community bike shop or place to just hangout.  The only current places to camp near town are the KOA which I don't really recommend, and the south zone campground in the Rattlesnake Recreation area but it does not have amenities.  Otherwise try the Hutchins Hostel


Does anyone have a good link for more info on recycled tire pavement, cost, process, and manufacturers?  It does sound like a great option.  My only concern is patching, durability, and any harmful runoff.  I found this link which provides more insight:
The major downside is that you can only use a maximum 30% recycled rubber as an additive to the asphalt.  Not great but not so bad if it were possible with a non petroleum based asphalt as Paul suggested inexpensively

Hey thanks for your help!  Here is my email driessenart at yahoodotcom. 
I've been looking high and low for a good solution.  I came across a material called Filter Pave which is a blend of recycled glass and adhesive but heard some mixed reviews.  The material will actual filter as water passes through, but if not mixed perfectly can pop some tires creating a real hazard.

I'm working on a project to pave a 600 foot stretch of a local trail here in Missoula, MT which runs along the Clark Fork River adjacent to Teddy Roosevelts Boone & Crockett Club.  Currently the rest of the trail has been recently paved with asphalt which is creating some runoff problems.  Any ideas on an environmentally friendly pavement which would be cost effective, and smooth enough for wheel chairs?

Just one thought from a novice is coat the inside with linseed oil or frame saver and forget about it.

Thanks everyone.  I ended up taking a pass on the the Cannondale on Ebay and built up a 2010 Kona Jake the Snake with Tiagra parts for $650 brand new and have been to busy riding my new sweet pony to check my posts.  The Cannondale would have been to short anyway, I'm a 52cm cross bike or 54 road.  Thanks again!

So is there any consensus as to whether 700c actually ride faster than a 26inch?  It would make sense.  Another thought is that a 26 might actually give you a lower center of gravity increasing stability.

So do you think the conversion from a 19.5 inch top tube means it is a 50cm frame?

General Discussion / Re: traveling with a bicycle
« on: April 25, 2010, 06:41:16 pm »
Have you seen Surly's Traveler's check?  It breaks down in half with couplers.  Pretty sweet!

Hey, not sure if I'm doing my math right so I was hoping someone could double check my work.  I'm looking at a Cannondale T700 frame which measures
Top Tube: 19.5"
Fork: 17"
Seat Stays: 19.5"
Chain Stays: 18"
Down Tube: 24.5"
So this would be 49-50cm's right?  I was really hoping to find a 54.  If it were a 19inch mtb it would fit but I'm just a little unfamiliar with touring bike measurements.  Huge thanks to anyone who responds to this.
19.5inches x 2.54cm = 49.5cm tall right?

Gear Talk / Re: What's your favorite 100 mile unweighted bike?
« on: April 22, 2010, 12:41:27 am »
In fact, you could add a rack-less frame bag system in the future. Talk to Jeff at  

Those are some pretty sweet bags!  I've been shopping around for anything from a Cannondale R or T series to a Surly Cross Check and anything in between.  So far I'm just coming up empty.  Let me know if you come across any 54cm deals under $650

Classifieds / Wanted 54cm Surly or Cannondale preferred under $600
« on: April 21, 2010, 10:56:11 pm »
I'm looking for a 54cm road, touring, or cyclocross bike.  Yep I'm pretty open to anything and dying to rack up the miles.  Let me hear what you have!  A Surly Cross Check, Pacer, LHT, Cannondale T800-2000, R300-1000, etc... you get the picture.  I might be willing to pay just a hair more for the right bike, just maybe.

Missoula, MT

Gear Talk / Re: What's your favorite 100 mile unweighted bike?
« on: April 18, 2010, 12:51:47 pm »
What do you think of the Surly Pacer or Cross Check?  I found a Pacer frameset to build up as a possibility and the steel frame would be a smoother ride.

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