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General Discussion / Re: Phoenix to Tucson tour in January
« on: November 09, 2022, 02:59:55 pm »
I've biked from North of Phoenix to Tucson myself in January a few years ago. I used the frontage road that parallels interstate 10. Not very pleasant riding next to the interstate but very little traffic and I believed safer.
Oro Valley has a lot of new bike lanes as well as Tuscon. Be prepared for cool nights in January in AZ.

General Discussion / Re: Travel info Portland to Seattle
« on: February 21, 2012, 12:53:03 am »
There’s a well known group ride organized by the Cascade Bicycle Club called the STP, (Seattle to Portland).  It’s about 200 miles give or take depending on where you start and finish in the cities. If you Google STP you should be able to access the map, then just reverse the directions. It might not be the most direct route but it depends on your goals.
It uses a combination of light traffic roads and bike paths; I found it to be an enjoyable ride and the map will aid you in additional information.  June 1st in the Pacific Northwest you can count on a good possibility of rain.         

Gear Talk / Front rack
« on: July 17, 2011, 11:45:14 am »
I own a Cannondale T800 and have been using it with just the rear racks for short weekend tours.
Now planning to start extended tours and plan to use Ortlieb front panniers to match my rear ones.
Can anyone recommend or has experience with matching/fitting a front rack for my T800?       


Hello WKB,

Your message caught my eye. Almost thought I was the person who wrote it. I’m a 62 year old male in the Pacific Northwest and have become interested in bike touring over the last decade. I have a few short tours under my belt, and this summer I was able to add the Coeur d’ Alenes trail to my list. I had a grand time, but I was planning a return trip this summer to complete the whole loop by adding the Hiawatha segment, but with a riding partner.
So reading your message I believe we should at least talk on the phone and maybe meet for a ride. I have a T800 Cannondale touring bike and all the equipment for touring. My comfort speed is 12/13 MPH and try to stay around 40/60 miles a day to leave plenty of time for sightseeing. I have ridden in a number of organized rides this summer including the STP in two days in addition to my touring. More for a personal accomplishment then a desire to ride in organized groups.
Hope to talk soon,

Gear Talk / Re: Tires when riding from San Diego to Phoenix
« on: February 07, 2010, 09:30:11 pm »
 I just rode from San Diego to Phoenix in December and used Schwalbe Marathon XR’s. Rode over unavoidable glass and other road junk never had a flat or a problem. I’m sold on the tires. Have a great ride.     

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