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Bike Clubs / Re: Tandem or Touring Club Tampa, Florida
« on: February 16, 2010, 11:04:08 pm »
Here you go!

For immediate publication.



NEWS RELEASE:                   Tandem Club formed in Central Florida!



The PANTHERS Tandem Club, Inc., has been organized by nine (9) dedicated tandem teams located in Central Florida.  The purpose of this Tandem Club is:  to organize tandem rides within the state of Florida,  to promote the concept of riding safely within the rules of the road,  to assist new tandem teams as to the etiquette and mechanical differences of riding a tandem,  and to encourage the cycling sport of tandem riding.


Plans are to have scheduled dates and times for weekly tandem rides in and around The Villages, Florida, for those members and guests who wish to attend.  Future plans are to have organized events in locations throughout Florida each year.   


Our website is now available for the PANTHERS (Partners Aboard Neat Tandems Happily Enjoying Riding Simultaneously) Tandem Club.  Please watch your emails for the announcement on how to access our pages for further information and how to become a member.   


We sincerely hope that, as a tandem team, you recognize the need for a Tandem Club within the state of Florida and will offer your support by becoming a member.

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