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Urban Cycling / Re: Walmart Electric Bicycle Affordable To The Masses
« on: March 20, 2010, 12:27:50 am »

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Wow another shock when I went to Walmart, besides carrying 700c tire tubs, they had a brand new electric bicycle. Price was 399.99 and it came with one battery attached like a rear pannier with the option of purchasing an attaching a second one. Now I realize this is Walmart, but it looked pretty sturdy, top speed 18 mph and with two batteries a range close to 40 miles. Had a seven speed rear derailleur and a single speed crank. It didn't appear heavy in the rear. The motor was like the Curie electric motor. I will try it out next time I am there. If Walmart is offering an electric bicycle, at a truly affordable price (I know some will say stay away from it) to me this is a big thing and makes a statement that just maybe, American attitudes are beginning to change. This was in Tampa, Florida not one of the more bike friendly areas of the country.

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