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Youth Bicyle Travel / Re: Youth Cross Country Tour in 2010
« on: March 31, 2010, 02:42:24 pm »

I just found this site and already I'm excited.

I'm 65 and my little sister is 5 yrs my junior. At the moment I'm planning on a cross country trek from Salem, Oregon to Georgia. I contacted cycle9 in Carrboro, North Carolina, told them of my build project and upcoming trek and Elise Giddings asked me that very question "just for fun or to promote some cause?"

So I looked for a cause and found Chivalry-Now at and became a contributing member of their forum. Now my plan is to take with us a group of about ten young men and women who are between 18 and 25 and who want to help spread the concept of Chivalry for today's modern society.

I won't be leaving this year, though. I'm on low income, (social security ... I'm retired) and the cost of my build will take a year to pay for.

I'm going to build an extended tricycle and power it with a Crystalyte "Brute" hub motor. In addition I'm going to build a micro-habitat trailer of my own design. (see my blog at

My idea is for the youngsters to form a crew of what I call do-gooders. As we travel, we will make contact with locals such as the police, the fire department, or local fraternal organizations to locate in their area individuals who are worthy to have Good Deeds done for them. Then, as a group, we will perform the Deed and then move on.

I think such an endeavor will, on its own, gain instant notoriety and perhaps the "Media" will follow our story and thereby our cause will be promoted.

I look forward to your conversations.


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