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Routes / Re: China
« on: April 26, 2009, 02:53:10 pm »
Does anyone have suggestions for easy to moderate routes cycling in
China for three to four weeks? I'm an experienced cyclist, 11 months
cycling in India and Southeast Asia, also five months cycling Europe/
Lapland to Tunisia. I'd like to go to China in fall 2009 or spring 2010, am
in initial stage of research, would like to go with group but not a formal
tour organization because they're too expensive. Would anyone be
interested in doing this with me?

I'm also going to China for biking this summer for 2-3 weeks after the total solar eclipse in July (2009).  I'm hoping to bike 700-1000 miles on a self-supported route though an area with interesting history and scenery.  Since I'm flying in and out of Shanghai, I'm considering a route along the Grand Canal from Suzhou to Tianjin, or perhaps just a loop around Anhui Province.  Another option I'm considering is downhill from Xian to Nanjing or even all of the way to Shanghai.  I have a Bike Friday folding back with a trailer and case, so I'm flexible about where I start and end up.  I suspect that Guangxi and southern areas will be too hot in July for biking, but I don't know.  Any advice about traveling or biking in China would be appreciated.

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