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Rocky Mountain / Recomendation on Jackson WY bike shop
« on: May 25, 2010, 06:27:44 pm »
I am going to ship 2 touring bikes to a Jackson WY bike shop to be assembled, and I'll pick them up there to start a month long tour.  Does anyone have a bike shop recommendation?  Fitzgerald's is listed in ACA magazine, any experience with them?

My husband and I are doing our first tour alone (I did a 10 day ACA tour last year), and I'm baffled on stoves.  I have my brother's MSR Wisperlite International which takes white gas or really any fuel like kerosine/ gas/ etc.  I've read that cannister fuel is lighter and simpler, and am thinking of buying a cannister stove (like a pocket rocket) instead.  We will cook each day (coffee/oatmeal, and dinner).  I know cannisters may be harder to find, but it seems crazy to buy a gallon of white gas to pour into two 22-oz fuel bottles.  Does anyone know how available cannister fuel is on the ACA great parks route?  Or how long a cannister (or a bottle of gas) lasts?

Gear Talk / Will a racing saddle work for touring?
« on: May 08, 2010, 10:49:03 am »
I did one ACA self contained tour last year, loved it.  Bought my husband a Surly LHT and we will spend all of July in Wyoming/Montana.  He put his favorite saddle on the bike, an Arione.  He is a good distance cyclist (double centuries, 500 mile races, etc) and so he's comfortable on this saddle, but it looks so streamlined to me compared to the saddles I see on other men's touring bikes.  Is there a reason a guy would need a bigger or different saddle?  We only have time for a few training rides and one overnight shakedown before our 27-day tour, so I'm not sure he'll really have an opportunity to break in a leather saddle.

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