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Gear Talk / Flat fix on Rhynolite
« on: June 29, 2006, 11:05:39 pm »
After having replaced one too many spokes on my old stock rear wheel (Bike is a Norco Mountaineer SL) I finally decided to at least upgrade my rear wheel to a Sun rims Rhynolite XL. Now comes the problem - I got a flat and was unable to remove my dual purpose tire from the rim to repair the tube. The dealer informs me that it is pretty much a 2 man job with the wheel securely held! This does not bode well for roadside repairs. My only options seem to be a thicker puncture resistant tube (no guarantee there) or to use sealant like "Slime" to at least get me home. Any one know know a better way? I ride about 1,000 miles per season so flats are a fairly regular occurence for me and I'd prefer to fix them myself especially if it avoids a 10 mile walk home!

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