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Howdy!  First-time poster here.

I'm putting together a N-S ride along the pacific coast this year...however, strongly considering finishing out on the Sierra Cascades route.  I'd like to make the connection after Santa Barbara, but well before I get to greater LA.  I found myself wondering about connecting the two like so:

Riding the coast to Ventura, then taking highway 33-->lockwood valley rd-->highway 138 ... then picking up the ACA trail in Lancaster.

Has anyone done any cycling on those connecting roads?  Google tells me that it's a good motorcycle route, but it didn't produce much info about its suitability for road bikes.  I'm curious to hear about typical traffic, road conditions, and safety.  Looks like it would take a couple days, a stealth camp, and a beefy mountain pass.  Also pretty remote.  But, I'm willing to go out of my way to avoid LA, and would love to break off of the coast not too far after Santa Barbara.

Any thoughts on that or alternative connectors would be welcomed.  Thanks!

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