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GPS & Digital Data Discussion / ASA routes and turn-by-turn directions
« on: September 05, 2007, 01:23:11 pm »
I'm using a Garmin Legend CX with City Navigator maps. I have installed MapSource on my PC and downloaded the Atlanta Coast GPS data. I've have read the "GPS User Guide" from the Adventure Cycling site, however I still have a few questions with the fundamentals of using the Garmin routing software and the predefined ACA routes.

I assume that a route and turn-by-turn directions are two completely different things? A route in MapSource simply connects waypoints and turn-by-turn directions always follow roads?

If I want turn use the turn-by-turn capability of the GPS - is there a way to tell the GPS to follow the predefined ACA route rather than selecting a waypoint up ahead and having the GPS calculate the directions to the next waypoint - which may or may not follow my intended route?

Using the GPS User Guide, I understand how to import the waypoints and routes and how to build my own set to upload to the GPS. Can someone explain how it is used during an actual ride?  Do most rider have the Atlantic Coast Route displayed on their GPS then use the built in turn-by-turn capability to make the GPS create directions that follow that route? Do you select the next closest waypoint and select "go to" ?

Thanks for the help

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