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Gear Talk / Mostly road tour with a Fargo or Divide?
« on: December 15, 2013, 07:35:08 am »
I am thinking of purchasing a Salsa Fargo or CoMotion Divide as a part bad road part off road riding option. I was curious if either of these bikes has been used as a x-country (or other long tour) transport where the occasional (or more than occasional) dirt/gravel road was incorporated? It started me thinking - it's obvious that both of these bikes are perfect for an off-road tour (the Great Divide comes to mind) but how would they open up options for a tour across the country if dirt and gravel roads could be incorporated... and has anyone done that? Lastly, assuming that there would be days and days of standard road riding... what are the draw backs with either of these bikes?


Heading on the Northern Tier (West to East) sometime next year. I am going to Boston so I'd like to connect Buffalo to Boston ( I could pick-up the Atlantic coast in Poughkeepsie NY). Ride with GPS says staraight across to Albany then south to Poughkeepisie is the way to go. Also, I'd like to break off the northern tier and cut straight across WI (from Osceola) to pick up the ferry in Manitowoc WI.


General Discussion / Low Carb and Long Distance Touring
« on: July 07, 2013, 12:12:28 pm »
I added this question to an overall health topic but I'd like to give it it's due as a separate post. I'm a dedicated low carbist (no pasta, bread, sugar, glucose, sports drinks, most fruit, etc)... usually less than 40g carbs per day (I also fast intermittently). Never a problem riding many miles and I feel that it actually enhances my athletic performance (fat burning as opposed to sugar burning). I don't mean to get into a discussion regarding the merits or lack thereof of a low carb / paleo lifestyle.. not the proper forum. I am just curious if any low carbists have attempted to stick with their regimen while on a multi-week tour and how they managed to cope?


I know what you are thinking... How could it not be? 75 miles day after day on a loaded bike for weeks and weeks no less. It has to translate into both short term and long term health benefits. I ride about 80 to 100 miles per week... On a touring bike over very, very hilly terrain so I only average about 14 miles per hour. The reason I bring up the health question is that there is more and more evidence that "endurance" athletes may actually be doing more harm than good to their heart and longevity. I won't go into all the studies here but the data is compelling. I am planning my own cross country trip and I don't think I'll pay this notion too much mind.... Just curious if anyone else has an opinion. Do long distance cyclists live longer or shorter than the regular Joe?


Classifieds / Greenspeed GTO Schlumpf HSD- Rohloff Hub - Price Reduction!!
« on: February 06, 2012, 03:01:10 pm »
Custom Greenspeed GTO - Schlumpf High Speed Drive, Rohloff Automatic 14 Speed Hub (no derailleur!). This trike is pristine - less then 100 miles on it. Schwalbe Marathons on the front Big Apple on the back (two additional new Big Apple's are included). Big Magura Disc Brakes. Front mounted Princeton Tec Light. Rear rack day pack. Clipless Pedals. I will also throw in a PVC Trike Stand that I made specifically for the GTO. Makes it much easier to work on. Green with yellow seat - this GTO rides like a dream and can climb a wall if you have the time! Great for a bigger guy or gal. Absolutely perfect for long distance touring. I have only taken it out two or three times. Sadly health issues require that I sell it. This trike is one of a kind - I paid over $6200 without some of the extras that are now installed.

The price is $4400. I live in Northeastern CT and will be happy to deliver within 100 miles of my home.

Routes / Southern Tier East to West beginning in September
« on: June 07, 2011, 07:58:26 am »
I was going to start in March but plans change! Any experience heading that way in late summer or early fall? Not too, too hot in the east and not too cold in the Mts out west, I hope!

South Atlantic / Daytona Beach to Tallahassee
« on: March 06, 2011, 07:30:44 am »
Anyone with experience with this route. Looks like there are at least a few bike paths that you can utilize. Maybe two general routes - one that goes through Gainesville, one further north. How are the county roads in the north central part of the state? Looks like a whole lot of nuthin west of I75. Google maps plotted a route that appeared to go over many non-paved roads.


Routes / Getting to the FL start of the Southern Tier with a Trike
« on: March 05, 2011, 09:51:08 am »
Okay - more of a logistical question (sorry that it is so long..). I'm looking at my options for starting the Southern Tier (I have another post considering Daytona Beach which seemed easier to me) and I'd like to get some feedback from others who have already gone through the process. I will be flying down from CT with my Greenspeed GTO Trike. I can break it down into a large box or two large suitcases.. pretty hard to lug around either way. I suppose that I could ship it ahead and have it reassembled by a Trike dealer in or around St. Augustine - (although I didn't find a local shop that was well versed in Trikes). I did look into renting a van one way from CT but that was hugely expensive. It looks like I will have to fly into JAX and somehow get to a hotel near the start of the route. Do St. Augustine hotels have shuttles from JAX? If not - how do I get to my hotel (I will be alone) near the beach with my trike? (large Limo, I suppose). Then assemble my trike and work my way to the ocean to dip my wheel and begin.. Seems like a complicated process.. Any suggestions that make the beginning a little easier? I only have 8 weeks so I doubt I will be able to simply begin from New England. I picked the Southern Tier due to it's shorter length although I am open to beginning anywhere on the east coast or even in San Diego if the logistical issues are less of a pain in the rump heading west to east. Either way I'll be flying to/from San Diego as well.


Connecting ACA Routes / Starting the Southern Tier in Daytona Beach
« on: March 05, 2011, 07:07:12 am »
Daytona Beach makes more sense as a starting point for me. Beginning March 2012 heading west. I used Google Maps "bike" routing to get me to Woodville FL and pick up the ST westbound. Looks like it leverages at least a couple of long bike trails which is nice.. not sure about the roads as I would be cutting through some pretty sparse areas of Florida. Here is a link to what Google recommended.. Let me also add that it appears to shave off 30 miles from the ACA route. If you are from the area and don't mind - I'd love some advice!,+FL&daddr=Woodville,+FL&hl=en&geocode=Fb-4vQEdj7Ar-ymDVgIllNvmiDHrKssdtztqNg%3BFWuOzgEdm3z6-il5lDcai2HsiDGmLq4JLmDRHg&mra=ls&dirflg=b&sll=29.762425,-82.63436&sspn=2.250623,4.927368&ie=UTF8&z=8&lci=bike


Instead of starting in St. Augustine and dropping southwest through Gainsville... would beginning in Fernandino Beach (fly into Jacksonville) and heading west and picking up the ACA Southern Tier in Wellborn Fl be a viable option? Looks like I could even enjoy about 14 miles on the Jacksonville - Baldwin bike path... Although looks like I would be on RT 10 much of the way.. anyone know how rideable that road is??? Or would in be rt 90 (can't tell...)


Routes / Average Number of Days for Southern Tier on a Trike
« on: February 11, 2011, 09:45:04 am »
Sorry if it has been asked before. I am planning an East to West Southern Tier tour beginning either March or September. I will be riding solo on my Greenspeed GTO Trike - probably pulling a Bob trailer. I am in decent shape and I'd like to complete the trip in under 49 days. From what I can tell that sounds reasonable. Any thoughts from folks that have completed the trip on a Trike.


My apologies if this has already been discussed.. two questions.

1. With the Garmin Road Trip (City Navigator NA Map) Software, it won't allow me to create an auto-route and truly avoid highways - even if I tell it so! Could simply be a flaw of the program... I have heard that there are other more bicycle friendly software programs that will avoid highways and hopefully "no shoulder" roads, etc.. that I can then download to my Edge 705?

2. Lastly - is there any way to down load ACA maps to my Edge 705?

Sorry for any redundancies here - I appreciate the help.


Hi - I'll be taking the Atlantic Coast (Boston Spur) to roughly northwestern CT and picking up the Lake Erie connector with an eventual connection with the westbound Northern Tier. My question - what is the best route accross New York State to link the Atlantic Coast with the Lake Erie route (in northwestern NY).

Thanks!! ???

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