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Gear Talk / Tandem Tour Equipment
« on: October 11, 2003, 06:26:01 pm »
We're planning a Trans AM trip in the future.  We'll be taking our Cannondale RT3000.  We have already purchased a BOB Yak Trailer.  Now we're wondering which panniers would work best...front, back or both.  We're sort of leaning toward front panniers only; we feel this would take some of the load off the back wheel/tire. We're not sure we'll have enough storage space for two people with this arrangement. Any ideas here?
  We're also toying with replacing the stoker's crank set (Ultegra 9 speed) with an XT or XTR crank set in an effort to gain more Granny gear capability.  The rear hub, cassette (12-35/37 or so)and derailleur are already XTR components.  Is this a worthwhile goal?  We're not a super strong team, but we have the endurance needed.

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