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General Discussion / best touring bike for a fat boy
« on: June 30, 2010, 01:13:42 am »
so I've decided to start training for a cross country trip.   I'm severely overweight at present (which is part of the motivation for the trip) but was an avid cyclist in my younger years and I'm confident my body will remember and adjust in time.   Right now, all I have to train on is a heavy-as-hell Giant Cypress mountain bike, which I have no intention of riding cross country.  If all goes well (i.e., if I can secure the funds for a new bike/cash for a couple months of riding) I'd like to leave from Minnesota this fall and make my way out to Oregon, and hopefully continue southward from there.   I'm a photographer (, and my main motivation for the trip is the photo ops, and the potential of keeping a travel log and putting together a book upon my return.   If I do leave this fall, I'm obviously going to be physically under-trained, but am prepared to adjust on the road, provided that I can find a touring bike that can support my chubby self (280 lbs last time I checked) as well as camping gear, a few lbs of photo gear (not looking forward to the extra weight of my tripod), etc.  I'll probably also invest in a bobgear trailer or something comparable, if funds allow.  I've read some good things about the surly long haul trucker, and I like the fact that the company is local, but I'm wondering if this (or any touring model) is cut out to support a man my size.  Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

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