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Gear Talk / Looking for a bike
« on: January 01, 2005, 11:56:24 am »
I'm looking to get into "fully-supported" touring.  I would like to get a bike that will last a long time and give me a good ride.  I've already posted on the General forum, but thought I would try here as well.

I know fit and comfort are the two biggest issues, but can you point me at some models to consider?  I've heard the names Trek and Jamis quite a bit.  What models would appear to be a good fit for my specific need (i.e. bikes I should try out)?  Cost is also definitely a factor.  Anything over $1500 means I'll have to put aside any tour goals until 2006, as we're also saving for a newer car this year.  

Thanks in advance for your help.

General Discussion / New here and seeking advice
« on: January 01, 2005, 08:02:45 am »
Hello everyone,

I'm new here and am looking for advice on bicycle touring, specifically the "fully-supported" kind.

I currently live in Bend, Oregon and one of my goals is to do the Cycle Oregon tour.  However I have a lot of work to do first.  One, I need a bike, and based on what I saw on a recent visit to a local bike shop, that is a pretty expensive proposition.  Two, I need to train and get in shape.  

On the bike front, I have been advised that, with "supported" touring, I would do well to get a bike based on the road-racing style--lightweight, maneuverable.  They're also expensive.  The carbon-fiber Trek that the salesman showed me was $2800.  Am I really going to have to spend this kind of money for a bike?  Originally I was thinking of maybe $1000 for a bike. What do you think?

On the training and general knowledge front, I need to do some searching for some good books on cycling--touring in particular.  Any recommendations here?


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