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Routes / Great Divide Sect. 1+2 Road Conditions
« on: July 14, 2007, 09:22:45 pm »

after recieving a map which includes traffic information in MT and realizing that it significantly more than expected. It states for almost all raods at least 2000cars/day i guess that will be 200/h = 3/min, thats fine for some sections but a bit to much if you have it most of the time. This I am thinking of evading traffic by going on parts of the GD. Especially on section 1 what kind of road conditions do I have to expect? Is it a trail or a dirt road? I have a sturdy touring bike with 1 3/4" tires so dirts road are fine with me but a cross country trail might be to much...

Any recommendations?


Dear all,

I am a german guy and will be in summer for an internship in Chicago. I ll have the whole month of September free for holidays and plan a bicycle trip in the US. I found this website last week and I think it is exactly what I was looking for. However, since I havnt been to the US so far I cannot really imagine what route out of the huge variety offered might by a good choice. I estimate that I will do something like 1000 miles, maybe more but to be on the safe side this is what I want to aim for.
My main interest is in a scenic route, which should also offer variation of views/landscapes in a not to populated or remote area.
My first ideas were to go for the region great lakes or Canada, however, I fear it could be already quite cold and wet and maybe not that spectacular. So now I tend more to the West/Rockies. There it seems to be at least dry but due to the continental climate either quite hot or already rather cold.

After studying the webpage these where the routes that my interest is focusing on at the moment, can you comment on that, if it might be suitable, if you have better ideas, if my assumptions on these routes are correct.

Grand canyon + some extra miles: rather touristic?

great parks: south maybe little to tough, north probably exactly what I am looking for, the weather though is worrying me

pacific coast northern part: weather?

western express: maybe to remote for going alone, how hot in September?

I would be very thankful for any kind of help and advice you can give.



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