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General Discussion / how safe is it to ride in the US?
« on: February 21, 2012, 03:10:29 pm »

I'm considering a bike trip in the US some day... But the more I read in american cycling forums the more I have the impression that US isn't the most cyclist friendly place. I hope i'm wrong but sometimes I have the impression there is a growing annoyance (I really don't want to use the H-word) between cyclists and motorists.

Please tell me I'm wrong. and give me some pointers on what to look out for and how to behave on US roads.

Over where I live people are very used to cyclists and in general both groups understand eachother fairly well...

Thanks for any advice.



I'm Wouter. I'm a 29year old male from Belgium (yes, the land of beer, choclates, waffles and totally nuts politicans) I'm planning to make a roadtrip to the U.S. next year and at the same time visit a few friends i made over the internet in the last few years. (I just needed to get an excuse to justify this trip.. LOL)

Goal would be to ride from Nashville TN to Savannah GA then to Charlotte NC and back to Nashville TN. Total length of the trip would be more or less 2000km (1300miles) and i would have 3weeks to complete this trip. A total of 23 days including days for flights.

Since this is the first time I do this ( well i did a very small trip last year to ireland but that's not to be compared with this plan, though it got me hooked :) )  I was considering staying at Motels, B&B or other affordable lodging. For food I'd like to support local merchants. So i'd be travelling (very) light.

I'd like to gather as much information and advice to prepare for this trip and to organize things. Also i'd like to get as much info as possible on how to behave on the road (different countries might have different customs) and how to act towards other roadusers. (I'm looking for other advices than be polite and don't get in the way more than required, I have enough common sense)

For my bike i'd want to use my Scott CR1 roadbike. May fit it with a seatpost rack and bag and use a small backpack if that would not provide sufficient cargospace. A handelbar bag will be included to store some food for during the ride and other items like camera, phone,... For hydration i'd be using a bladder and two bottles.

I hope this provides you with sufficient info on my plans to help me ahead and be well prepared by the time I take off to the U.S.

Hope to hear from you soon,



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