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General Discussion / Touring with an E-bike or G-bike?
« on: November 07, 2023, 08:11:52 pm »
Has anyone toured using an E-bike or G-bike? If so, how did that work out for you?

General Discussion / Water?
« on: December 28, 2021, 07:57:20 pm »
I've taken well-planned week long trips before but never across country. I'd like to make a longer trip.

In a cross country trip especially in remote areas what do you do about the daily need for water? My limited ability to carry adequate amounts of water along with the uncertainty of finding any supply has me worried.

I'd like to also mention I'm 73 (in reasonable shape). I travel steady but I travel slow, 7-8 mph.


Hi everyone.

On crowded MUPs/Bike Trails what are you doing to protect yourself while cycling? With everyone home, my regular/favorite bike trail has become extremely crowded especially near residential areas. And not eveyone is following the COVIC safety guidlines. It's gotten so bad that I don't care to use the trail.

I really can't enjoy cycling on the roads/streets with motor vehicle traffic buzzing around me. I have/use a COVID mask but find it unconfortable to wear all the time. My wife made me a quick on/off mask but then I'm continually putting it on/off. I need and want to ride my bike but haven't figured out a happy way to do it.

I suppose I could keep riding around my boring block but that's a poor substitute for my 14 mile daily bike trail ride I really enjoyed. I could pack up my bike and head to a remote distant trail but that's more effort and expense than riding from my driveway to my nearby trail everyday.

If you're like me, what are you doing for COVID cycling and safety?

General Discussion / What do you use for sunscreen?
« on: June 27, 2012, 11:41:46 pm »
I hate sunscreen. But I need it.

I find myself not wanting to ride because I can't stand to use sunscreen. I dislike the smell, the stickiness, the way it burns my eyes, the way it collects dirt and the way it won't let my skin breathe while I sweat. I've tried different brands but they all suck in one way or another. And some say the chemicals in sunscreen may be as harmful as the cancers I'm trying to avoid. I've used the white grease-based sunscreens and the spray/alcohol types and find them both miserable to wear.

I have a long-sleeve white shirt but most of the time wearing it is uncomfortably warm. I admit I'm an over-weight weekend cyclist wanting to be reasonably comfortable while trying to have fun. Cycling is supposed to be fun, right?

What do you use to keep from cooking in the sun?


Gear Talk / Underwear
« on: June 13, 2007, 01:08:43 am »
Hi everyone, I'm a first-post newbie!

I'm also a 59 year old male who is just starting to get into cycling (and loving it). I'm a little over-weight but I've spent some time making my saddle/seat/bike reasonably comfortable. I'm getting into light-touring with the hope of long-distance touring in the future.

What I need to know, (seriously) what do you recommend as the best material for 'touring' underwear? Is there a particular brand you favor? Is there any kind of lotion, powder, salve you might also recommend for a sore old tushy?

While riding, my attire is street-clothes, T-shirt, jeans, etc. After a week of 25 mile days I'm getting tender and sore. I'd like to travel further but I need some help solving my sore-butt problem.


General Discussion / Touring and Heart Disease
« on: June 26, 2007, 01:31:48 am »
I'm 59, new to cycling and my long-term goal is to do a long-distance cross-country tour.

Two years ago I had a heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery. I told the cardiologist I'm cycling and would like to make a long-distance tour in the future. He said, '...ok, but don't kill yourself.'

Has anybody had a heart attack or heart disease, recovered and went on to make a long-distance tour? Am I fooling myself into believing I could even do such a thing at my age and with my medical history?

I have no other pressing medical problems, I feel good, better than I have in over 20 years. But it would be great to hear from someone who has actually survived a heart attack or heart disease and went on to make a long-distance tour.

Any heads-up or pointers you could give me would be deeply appreciated.

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