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Routes / Transam East to West 2012 Advice Sought
« on: December 02, 2011, 01:23:40 pm »
I've been here before asking about the Transam route, when best to go etc. so thanks for your responses on that particular tack. Now I'm planning to actually do it East to West and was thinking of starting early next April. From what I can gather the weather would be OK then in the east and would mean any chances of snow bound passes in the west would have passed. Does this seem a good plan ?
Another question...I'd fly into Richmond from the UK and would plan to actually start the journey from there (time is at a bit of a premium as my daughter is expecting twins in July!) Can anyone recommend a good bike shop in Richmond to reassemble and check out my bike after its journey through the airline system and also a reasonable place to stay nearby.

I've ordered the book on the trail and will be booking the flight soon, any advice, suggestions etc. will be much appreciated.


Routes / Trans Am Ride
« on: September 27, 2010, 08:01:02 am »

I hope to come over from the UK next year and do the Trans Am route. Some advice would be appreciated...

When to start?
West to east or vice versa?
Alternative starting points, given that I'll be flying direct into a major airport with my bike in a box?
Good diversions off ACA route ( I'm keen on Yellowstone)
How long will it take?
Any good books on the subject?(I'll be getting the ACA route map)
Any sections that are particularly difficult, desolate, dodgy?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Ken Williams

Routes / TransAmerican Route
« on: December 28, 2009, 05:47:38 am »
Having cycled the Pacific Coast in 2008 (and it was brilliant!) I am planning to cycle the TransAmerica route this year (2010). The Association maps suggest a main TransAm route starting in Oregan and there seems to be another option of starting on the Western Express Route from San Francisco and joining the TransAm in Colorado. I want to see as much as possible as I will be coming over from the UK for the trip.

Any advice or comments on the best route(s), best time to start and whether to go West to East (which seems the natural way to go but I don't know why !) or vice versa. Are there barren gaps in the route? Realistically,  how long will it take? What are the must see's etc. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks


Routes / Europe North to South
« on: November 03, 2008, 05:49:02 pm »
Following my amazing ride down the Pacific Coast this year somewhere closer to home for 2009...Anyone any advice on Europe North to South ? Say, Amsterdam to Venice...

General Discussion / Pacific Coast Route Advice
« on: July 27, 2008, 12:09:14 pm »
Hi all, me again with another question on the Pacific Coast route, all booked now but one question that I would appreciste some advice on...I'm starting from Seattle and intend to take the Fauntleroy ferry across to Southworth and then head down through Belfair , Shelton, Elma. There seems to be a choice here to get to Astoria 1) take the Adventure Assoc maps inland route through Centralia, Toledo, Cathlamet to Astoria OR 2) follow the Spring and Kirkendail coastal route through Aberdeen, Raymond, Long Beach.
Both seem attractive and any advice on the best way to go would be appreciated by this confused Brit !!
I will kick off on 29th August, not without some trepidation, and a good clean start would set me up..  

General Discussion / Pacific coast
« on: November 09, 2007, 11:25:01 am »
Hi, I am planning to cycle the Pacific Coast route next year (2008)and would appreciate some advice. I'm English and so will have to travel to the US and have lots of questions !! Bit of background, I am a tourer not a racer and have several long distance European rides under my belt ( Bordeaux - Nice - Camargue / Calais - Geneva / Pyrenees - San Sebastian to the Med) I have got the book by Spring and Kirkendall but have many questions Some are listed below but there will probabaly be more as my planning progresses and your patience would be appreciated. So...
1. Should I start at Vancouver or Seattle?
2. I don't want to cart my bike to the US so would like to buy a bike sight unseen over the web/phone from a good bike shop so when I arrive it's all ready to go - any recommended bikes (I currently ride a custom Roberts tourer) / shops? Would want to sell the bike at the end.
3. Planning starting in May...that OK?
4. What maps are recommended?
5. What clothing is recommended, what is the weather likely to be like?
6. Are there plenty of small hotels, bed and breakfasts etc en route? Would I need to take camping gear?
Any advice would be gratefully received. Also whilst not a natural club rider and I like to go at my own pace (stopping at every cafe !!), usually averaging 50 / 60 miles a day depending on the distractions, it would be nice to meet up with any other riders on the same route.
So, I hope this opens up a rich vein of advice from experienced US riders, look forward to hearing from you folks! Thanks

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