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Gear Talk / Trailers and Mass Confusion
« on: March 14, 2008, 03:29:24 pm »
I believe this question has been many times before, but as I'm new to the idea of touring I thought I would ask some of the seasoned pros.  I've just purchased a rocky mountain touring bike and I'm headed off to tour the north and south islands of new-zealand and parts of asia (taiwan, thailand, cambodia, japan) in october.  As I understand the terrain will be quite varied depending on where I am.  I've settled on the idea of buying a trailer, mainly to hold a large backpack containing all my gear - I would have opted for the pannier route, but I plan on doing quite a bit of hiking aswell.  The trip will probably be 6-8 months long and I'm trying to do as much pre-planning as possible.  Unfortunately I'm having a lot of difficulty deciding on what trailer to purchase.  There is a local outdoor outfitter that supplies the "Yak", however I've heard mixed reviews on this product.  I'm also looking at the Burley Nomad, and another product called the Extra Wheel.  Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

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