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General Discussion / Pedaling thru Missoula in velomobiles
« on: November 06, 2010, 05:45:06 pm »
As many as velomobile 50 riders from Europe and North America will be pedaling from Portland to Washington, DC in July and August 2011, stopping over for a day in Missoula on their 4-week tour.  These fully-faired three-wheelers have proven themselves capable of averaging well over a hundred miles a day on multi-day tours, so the ambitious schedule should be well within their reach.  Website:  Roll Over America

What they need now is some help choosing the best route across Montana and North Dakota, including figuring out where there is enough room for them to camp, where they can eat, and how to avoid expected detours and traffic problems.  The route may follow the Northern Tier, but Highway 200, or Highway 12 are also being considered. 

This looks like a pretty big crowd, but the ride is expected to have even more velomobiles than are pictured in the logo.  Obviously, there could be logistic problems in small towns.

From a 2005 velomobile rally in Germany.  Riders pedaled from Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and hundreds of miles across Germany to get together in the hills north of Frankfurt:

Please post your recommendations here, and I'll pass them on to the German forum.  (My husband & I are velomobile riders in Minneapolis and plan to host the Minneapolis rest day, and we may try to ride along for part of the Minnesota and Wisconsin segments.)

Routes / Missoula to Fergus Falls, MN best bike routes?
« on: October 31, 2010, 12:20:06 pm »
40-50 European and American cyclists in velomobiles (2-wheeled, fully-faired human-powered vehicles) on a cross-country tour from Portland to Washington D.C. in July and August.

They are working on their route selection.  Distances will average 120 miles a day.  Arrival in Missoula is planned for the evening of August 2, with a one-day rest there, before leaving for Minneapolis on August 3. 

Are there traffic warnings for any of the likely routes?  Detours or construction?  Bad rumble strips? (the 3-wheelers could have problems with very narrow shoulder areas to the right of rumble strips)

Is Highway 12, 200, or 2 a more viable route across Montana?

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