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Gear Talk / Great Divide Bike
« on: February 23, 2008, 09:36:03 pm »
hello, i am planing to ride the great divide route this summer. i've done some research by looking at various peoples trip logs. my biggest concern is what bike to bring. i've seen suggestions that its possible to do it on a mountain bike or cyclocross bike with no suspension. while others say you need a full-suspension bike. from what i can tell, its mostly (80%) dirt roads with 10% being pretty rough. right now i'm leaning in the direction of a cyclocross frame with front suspension and the widest tires that will fit.

my research has convinced me i will be walking part of the route no matter what bike i bring, so thats ok with me. however i don't want to walk the entire 10% which is rough. my last concern is that i'll probably be doing a fair amount of on-road riding, to get from the greyhound station to start and finish of the bike route, to get to various detours i plan on taking (like  seeing old faithful). so i don't want to bring suspension unless i have to. does anyone have any advice they can share with me?

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