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We would bring our own sag wagon (the burley trailer) and two tandems (I think).  We also have a Piccolo and a WeeHoo Igo recumbent trail a bike.

My thought is that if we are not in a hurry, and the kids can switch between different seating options (pedal or not pedal, sitting upright or in a recumbent fashion) that we all might survive.

The kids are excited about the idea, but they don't really understand the magnitude of the endeavor.  They remember laughing non-stop on while riding with several hundred other cyclists on a tandem rally last July. 

I want our kids to grow up knowing nothing is impossible and what others think is crazy can actually be fun.  The 8yo already has almost 20 minutes logged flying in a vertical wind tunnel (indoor skydiving). 

Thanks in advance for the advice through experience.


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