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Routes / PA Route G
« on: July 12, 2010, 12:13:32 pm »
I am in the planning stages of a tour along PA Route G, probably in Tioga and Lycoming counties.  Has anyone ridden this?  I am trying to get a feel for road traffic and good places to camp.

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Danno's 1st GPS
« on: July 02, 2010, 11:49:23 am »
I bet you all cringe when you see topics like this.  I have tried to be informed by reading back posts 1st, and doing some other research.  I lay out my own routes, and I recently had a situation where it was really complicated to follow a paper map.  I think I might want to add a GPS device to my arsenal.

I am interested in supporting day, weekend, and week long trips.  Until I retire, that is the duration of what I can do.  I figure whatever GPS unit I buy will quickly be hopelessly outdated.  And I don't have much of a budget for a transciever.  I have laid out routes using DeLorme Street Atlas and MapTech Terrain Naviagator Topo Maps.  My last trip I laid out using Google Maps with the Bicycle Route Option.

Right now I am looking at the following 3  Garmin options:  eTrex Legends H, eTrex Venture HC, and eTrex Vista HCx.  I have been frustrated by trying to read color cell phone displays in bright light, so the gray scale Legends H is attractive for that reason.  Being able to load maps onto a data card for the Vista HCx is also attractive.

Sadly enough, I don't understand what is important well enough to pick a GPS unit.  I would appreciate any and all feedback.

General Discussion / Touring Nutrition
« on: July 14, 2009, 12:08:27 pm »
I have been doing overnight tours this summer in anticipation of a longer tour later this summer.  I have been touring for fifteen years, and have always done tours that were 2 - 7 days long.  I have a new problem that I hope someone else has found a solution to. 

I am 51 now, and on day two of a tour, my body has switched to "convert all food stores to glycogen" mode.  I am sure that I am slaughtering terms here. but my metabolism is in some other mode.  Food does not last too long in my system.  My historical pattern has been to eat breakfast, tear down camp, and then start riding.  I am often ready to eat again just as I am riding off. 

This has been a problem ever since my late 30's, but it seems to be getting worse.

A typical breakfast, is usually oatmeal or grits (corn meal).  And will be metabolized in 60 - 90 minutes.  I did some experiments on a tour I did this past weekend.  I added more protein to my diet.  Instead of just oatmeal for breakfast, I used protein enriched oatmeal, with a protein drink (whey based), and beef jerky.  This staved off depletion by an additional hour, but I would like to get more mileage out of a meal than that.

Does anyone else have this problem?  What do you do about it?

Classifieds / 2000 Bianchi Volpe
« on: May 09, 2008, 02:00:27 pm »
This is my favorite bike. I would be keeping it, but I am upgrading to a Waterford heavy touring bike. I used it as a touring bike, but strip the fenders off and it would be an excellent bike for entry level cyclocross racing. Go almost any where you can take a mountain bike, only faster.

The bike has been stored indoors so it is in great shape. It has a steel frame and fork, so the ride quality blows the doors off of any aluminum bike. Recently rebuilt with new cluster, chain, bottom bracket, tires, and repacked hubs (new bearings and grease). Lots of aftermarket parts: 9 speed LX rear dearileur, LX cluster, Durace barcon shifters, RX-100 brake levers, and fenders. I have some other bike parts we could negotiate for.  Yes, the bike is in great mechanical shape.

Includes Old Man Mountain rear rack and Jand front rack.  Yes, I toured on it.

49cm frame would fit rider under 5'-7".  $500 or best offer.  We can discuss shipping.  I live near Detroit.

Contact me at or 586-453-1432

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Mapping Software
« on: August 07, 2008, 10:31:17 pm »
I have sometimes made my own custom routes.  I have mostly used Delorme Street Atlas.  I find a lot of mistakes in their data, and when I have tried to send them corrections, they were not particularly grateful.  I currently have Street Atlas 2006 which is no more accurate than Street Atlas V7 and has an even more dumbed down user interface.  

I assume that GPS users might generate their own routes.  How do you do it?  What software do you use?

With Street Atlas, I can mark my start and end points, insert VIAs to adjust the route (go through here), and define stops.  The stop feature is a little frustrating as Street Atlas shows over all mileage, not mileage between stops.  I just can't do 80 mile days anymore, so the daily mileage is important to me.  Sometimes I want to incorporate Rail Trails in my routes, but they don't show up the map.  I don't even think the rail roads that used to be there show up half the time.

I also have scanned topographical maps from MapTech, but I think laying out a route on them would be painful.

I am not sold on loading waypoints into a GPS unit yet.  I would be perfectly happy to print paper maps.  I would appreciate any and all suggestions.


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