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Gear Talk / Headlight Recommendations for use w/ handlebar bag
« on: July 02, 2004, 07:54:29 pm »
Showing my age here, but I almost always ride with my ancient Kirtland "Tour Pack" handlebar bag (clips onto two "antlers" that mount over the stem & extend foward near the brake levers). The bag is about 3 inches above the level of the handlebars (traditional drop bars--Radonnauer??). It seems that most headlights mount on the bars just L or R of the stem. Those would be obstructed by the bag &/or mounting frame. I'm not interested in helmet mount lights.

I don't ride at night too often, but since the SNCF broke my ESGE rear fender, the Shimano generator hasn't worked for either the front or rear lights--the ESGE's have an electrical element running inside the fender. So, I'm looking for a decent headlight (already have a separate battery operated rear light).

Any suggestions anyone?



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