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New England / June Maine to NY border
« on: March 05, 2010, 09:28:36 pm »
It looks like I am going to have a couple weeks off in June, and I was thinking about a ride from the top of Maine to the border of NY. I have experience with multiday trips (I did the Great Divide Route back in 2000), but my wife will be new to this. Would like to keep it as cheap as possible. We will both be on road bikes. I'll be pulling a trailer and wife will be using panniers. I'd like to average between 60-80 miles a day. Does anyone with experience of that section have and tricks or tips? Can't miss spots? Camping options?

At this point I'm thinking about a blended route between the Atlantic Coast route and the top part of the East Coast Greenway ( I would like to hug the coast as much as possible (especially in Maine), as this will be more of a vacation/ test the waters touring for her.


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