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Routes / Southern Tier Section 4 Map 56 and 57 and Beyond
« on: November 23, 2014, 10:13:37 pm »
I am planning our trip in 2015 across the US using the Southern Tier. The Adventurecycling routing through Texas seems absurd. The road travels North and South more than it goes east.

Obvious roads are bypassed and huge diversions created for no obvious reason.

Kerville to Fredericksburg , TX is the place to look.

What is wrong with Highway 16 which goes almost directly to Fredericksburg, for instance?

I see that Texas does not explicitly prohibit cyclists from riding on the Interstates. I think this seems to be an obvious alternative to the absurd routing taken by the adventurecycling route

Does anybody have a comment on all this or am I missing something obvious?



General Discussion / Riding on the US Interstates
« on: August 26, 2014, 03:12:19 pm »
I have just heard of the tragic death of Joanna Abernathy, a fellow Australian.

She was just west of Indianapolis when she was hit and killed by a drunk driver, in the early hours of the 10th August 2014.

I have  cycled across the US twice now using AdventureCycling's routes and once across Canada ( just completed ) and once across Australia.

On my trip across the US in 2012, I used the interstate highway across North Dakota, the only state which allows cyclist on the interstates, as I understand things.

From this single experience compared to the thousands of miles on back roads, I know for  sure  that cycling on the interstate highways in the US is much safer

I would like to see AdventureCycling take this on as a campaign to get this stupid prohibition lifted right across the US.  If I were a US citizen I would certainly start such a campaign

Had Joanna been on an interstate I am sure she  would probably be alive today, not withstanding drunk drivers and the foolishness of riding at 3am in the morning

I would love to hear the views of other experienced cyclists on this topic.

More on  her tragic death here

General Discussion / Western Express+TransAm Starting August
« on: July 15, 2008, 07:24:26 am »
In  May this year, I attempted this trip (going West to East) but my bike was not set up correctly and I reluctantly abandoned my adventure in Carson City.

I am thinking about starting again from SF in August this year and would appreciate any advice I could get here.

I am concerned about the heat in Nevada and Utah in August and also the possibility of snow in the Rockies. I should get into the Rockies in September.

The weather stats  show  that snow may start to fall in late September but I would imagine that some of the passes would have snow sooner than this?

I am a 63 old Aussie male.

If I dont do the trip in August 2008, then I will definitely do it in May 2009



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