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Hi !

We’re arriving in Portland july the 12th.  We’re going towards San Francisco by the west coast, using ACA maps   :).  So far, my research on this forum has shown a few options to get out of Portland and reach the west coast.  Coming from Montreal, and arriving around 2 PM, we’ll need to unpack the bikes so we won’t be cycling before 4 PM…  Considering our late start, I guess we’ll need two days to reach the coast, maybe more.  We like to camp but a motel will do.   50 miles  per day is usually more than enough for us, especially at the beginning of a trip…

1.   Highway #6 : Less cars than highway 26, but no services along the way.  A few campgrounds without showers and no grocery store, from what I see…
2.   Highway 26 : More services ?  Lots of cars, from what I’ve read in this forum…
3.   Highway 30 : According to “Bicycling the Pacific Coast”  guide, that would be our best choice, with no camping but lots of motels and services along the way.  But… since we’re headed south, it seems like the wrong way to go… 
4.   Highway 18 towards Lincoln city ?  Seems a good choice since we’re headed south ?

Are there other options ?  What would be our best choice ?

Thank you for your advice !

Mathieu and Jo 

Routes / Access to SFO Airport
« on: December 29, 2010, 11:57:55 am »
Hi !

My wife and I will be biking from Vancouver to San Francisco next summer.   We'll be taking a plane back to Montréal from SFO airport.  Do you know if there is a safe way to bike to SFO airport ?

If not, I saw that you can use BART to get to the airport... Is it easy to do with 2 bikes equipped with big paniers ?

Thank you !

Mathieu and Jo

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