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Rocky Mountain / Great Divide - Montana section - mileage question
« on: December 29, 2010, 01:38:29 pm »
My husband and I are planning to ride the Montana section of the Great Divide MTB route this summer - Roosville to Polaris.  We took a look at the maps, elevation, etc. and are looking at doing the 520miles in 9 days, with a rest day in the middle. That averages out to ~60miles/day.  Does anyone have thoughts on that mileage for that section?  I realize it's relative since everyone is different, but any advice/insight is appreciated!  We both cycle often, and race.  This is planned as a vacation, so we don't want to do centuries every day, but are okay with 5-6 hours/day in the saddle.  The unknown for us is riding with weight (the trailers).  We will be doing some experimenting with them this summer.  Thanks!

Also, does anyone have experience with best (cheapest) shuttle options from Kalispell to Roosville, and Polaris to Butte?  I saw the shuttle pdf, but in case anyone's used them.   Thanks!

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