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General Discussion / Shipping a bike and a BoB.
« on: July 12, 2006, 12:38:46 am »
I am going to Australia to bike tour this winter. Opinions please (pros and cons) on bike boxes of what seems to be three levels of protection/investment, etc.: 1) basic cardboard bike box,  2) elaborate, foldable box such as Crateworks Pro-XLC, and 3) hardshell style boxes made by Thule and Trico Sports.

And about the Bob (which is more perplexing to me):  Do people box those to ship them? or just strap the wheel/tire into the bed and ship it open?  If people use boxes, are there any made specifically for this use? Etc., etc.

I understand there are a variety of considerations such as cost, storage of good boxes while there, etc. but for now I am just looking for initial thoughts, hopefully from those of you with relevant experience.

Thanks,  scottm

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