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General Discussion / Which bike tyre should I go for please?
« on: February 08, 2011, 01:57:49 pm »
I have a Dawes Sonaran hybrid bike which I use for commuting and touring. My back tyre need replacing, and so far I have looked at two Tyre's which are:

Crosstown Hybrid Bike Tyre

Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyre - Smart Guard

Schwalbe Marathon Plus Smartguard City Tyre

I have been told that these tyres are puncture resistant. Please can you advise me which is the best tyre to buy. I am a bit worried that it could make the bike heavy and bulky. Please can you advise me?

I haven't ridden my bike for a while and would like to get back into cycling, after being told by my nurse I'm slightly overweight. I have a curvature of the spine, and I am worried that my back will give me pain if I try and get back into it again and put me off. What's the best way of doing it please?


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