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Routes / Trip planning help? San Francisco - Santa Barbara
« on: March 15, 2011, 01:16:16 pm »
I'm new to bike touring & I've been coming to this site for awhile now - I wanted to do as much planning on my own before asking here for advice.

I'm 23, female, from Boston, and I'm planning a trip out to San Francisco for mid-late May or mid-late June. It'll be my first trip to California AND first bike trip. So, I'm planning a couple of weekend bike camping trips out here in Mass (on the Cape and inland) and will start cycling to work (10 miles each way) when the weather gets milder.

I plan to take 2 weeks, fly into San Francisco, spend a night or two at a hotel or hostel to see some of the city, then take the train to Santa Cruz. From there I'll start the trip. It's about 300 miles from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara. Is that doable for a beginner? Weekend trips will hopefully be a way to gauge how many miles I can do with the gear - but I want to get your thoughts! I also want to spend some days exploring the area / hiking / sightseeing / chilling, which is why I'm going to take 2 weeks for the trip, so I'm not pressed for time.

Or.. other ending cities/towns? I could always stop biking somewhere in the middle, rent a car and drive to Santa Barbara, do some biking on the Channel Islands, and fly out of Santa Barbara back to Boston.

Any advice or suggestions are appreciated! Of course I will be buying the Pacific coast map, I recently bought a Massachusetts one as a test-run.

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