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Gear Talk / Building an expedition touring bike
« on: February 20, 2007, 05:53:32 pm »

Hi everyone, I just joined the forum...

I'm finishing up university in May. Cycling has always been biggest passion, but I've always felt constrained, by various things, from fully indulging in it and really getting out on the road for weeks at a time. Over the next year, I'm finally going to do it. I live in Ireland, but am American and am planning a few trips for the next 18 months. I want to do a lot of cycling around New England, and then do the Rockies in 2008, perhaps by doing the great divide, or at least a long northern stretch of it. I decided to join the forum here to meet like-minded folks and learn everything I can.

As I'm going to be doing a lot of both on-road and off-road touring, I need a bike that will be comfortable and durable on both.

After investigating some purpose-built bikes for these tasks, I've decided the cost to be a bit prohibitive, and am now seriously considering some advice given to me to build a bike myself. I've never done this before, but I've been told it will work out cheaper, though I have yet to investigate fully.

So for my first post, I have a couple of questions:

Firstly, do you knowledgeable folks here agree that I can get a lower cost, high quality bike for the purpose described above (mix of on-road / off-road touring)if I build it myself? Is this a good option?

And secondly, if this is a good idea, would anyone have any specific recommendations for what I should be looking for in specific components. For the frame, a steel MTB frame has been suggested. I'm unsure about what wheels to get, or whether to go for dropped handlebars or flats.

If anyone could offer any advice on whether this is the right option or not, and on what kind of components I should be looking for, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks a million,


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