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Underground Railroad / Any Progress?
« on: March 12, 2005, 03:36:15 am »
Was wondering if AC had any firmer ideas on a route yet?

Underground Railroad / route thoughts
« on: September 23, 2004, 02:53:36 am »
I googled up a couple of maps, and at a very pragmatic level, I think there are a couple of very unemotional things to consider:

While keeping on a course that parallels one or more Underground Railroad paths, the new route should:
1) connect two or more existing routes
2) be within a half day's drive of several major metropolitan areas
3) be on roads that are as pleasant and rural as possible.

A sample map of UG. Routes is available at this link.

Some obvious choices would be
1) Cairo to Chicago, IL
2) Evansville,IN to Monroville, IN (on to Detroit?)
3) Cincy to Cleveland
4) Portsmouth OH to Buffalo
5) the Susquehanna river valley.

#1 partially duplicates the great river route
#3 is underway as a rail-to-trail project
#4 partially duplicates the #3 route, although the bottom half is pure TOSRV.
#5 suffers from a lack of good roads.

If I might make a few observations about #2
a) it would connect the TransAm & Northern Tier as well as the Lake Erie connector.
b) It would serve Louisville, Indy, Cincy, Detroit, and possibly Chicago, Grand Rapids, etc.  It passes near several cities, but through comparatively few.
c) Low traffic paved roads abound, (plus camping, etc)
d)In combination with the Northern Tier, an "omega" shaped route could be devised as follows: Louisville-Monroeville-Syracuse-Philadelphia-Cumberland (C&O canal path).
e) some rural (read: easy to route to) sites remain, including a "Grand Central Station" (Levi Coffin House, just north of Richmond, IN).

Thanks for reading this far :-) Is it really obvious that I live in Indiana?

Routes / 2nd attempt
« on: December 31, 2003, 01:52:21 pm »
I attempted to post something a few minutes ago, but was told to log in again.  I did so. Thanks to cut& paste, here goes again...

I was surfing the Crazyguyonabike site and noted a number of people starting from Philly/DC/NY and heading west on the C&O towpath. Wouldn't it be interesting, I thought, if there was a straightforward way to put some things together...

First, the current conditions:

1.There already exist the C&O canal/Allegheny Passage, connecting DC to points west of Pittsburgh.  

2.Ohio has Bike routes CT and F that cover E-W, and have in the works a route running from Cleveland to Cincy - although it's possible to run from South Charleston to near Germantown today.

3.Mo has the Katy Trail.

4.The Northern Tier through Ill, IN, and OH is (no offence intended) bland.

Now the idea...

Supposing that connectors were developed to connect the East Coast route to the C&O/Alleg Psg, the Alleg Psg to "Ohio Route F" (which already passes within a dozen country miles of the Little Miami bikeway), the Little Miami through southern IN and South-Central IL to the Katy, from whence one could jump to L&C or Transam/Western Express.

The total of new route miles would be something like 600 (60 in PA/WV/OH, 450-550 from western OH to St Louis).

The C&0/Allegheny Passage already exists, and is being promoted as a touring venue.
IL, IN, and OH are often perceived as unscenic, flat, and unchallenging.  "Route F" and a route from, say Germantown OH, through Oxford OH, and Indiana towns such as Batesville, Columbus, Bedford, and crossing into IL at, say, Hutsonville (thence through Effingham, Hillsboro, Newbern, and crossing the big river just upstream from St Louis) would provide a more challenging/rewarding/scenic transit while still allowing a selection of lightly travelled roads without sacrificing available services.

Any comments ?


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