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General Discussion / Campgrounds and bear boxes
« on: March 15, 2012, 02:59:06 am »
Hi all,
This summer I'm planning to ride solo from Jasper to Phoenix along ACA's Great Parks Route, Western Express, GC Connector. 
Can anyone tell me if all of the campgrounds in bear areas have bear boxes/lockers?

I'm asking because I own a lightweight bear canister (Bearikade Weekender, 2 lbs.) and am debating whether to pack it or not.  Two pounds it too much, if you don't use it.  In the past I have found it pretty difficult to find decent branches for hanging the food.

Thanks in advance for any input here.

Hi Folks! 
Last winter I did a modified Southern Tier - my first tour using GPS. I'd never go again without! I also carried the ACA maps and state maps and would never depend solely on an electronic device.  My unit is a Garmin Oregon 550t and I used the City Navigator NT for USA and Canada.  On this tour I did alot of meandering and didn't use the waypoints - I mainly just turned the unit on when getting near town for locating services and as an aid for calculating distances.   
Now I have the fantastic ACA Sierra Cascade Maps, hoping to do the tour this summer.  I'm wondering if it would be worthwhile getting some topo maps.  I live in Germany and can purchase from Garmin either the Topo US 100K as DVD or micro SD  or the Topo US West 24K for WA, OR, CA, NV as DVD. 
I can't determine what benefit I would have from more detail than on the City Navigator. The elevation profiles on the paper maps looks sufficient for planning the daily stretch I will ride.   Does anyone know if the 100K or 24K Topo Maps also contain all the POI info - camgrounds, motels, etc.??   I understand that the Oregon 550 is compatible with non-Garmin map sources.
Thanks in advance for advice on this!   Susan

General Discussion / Bear Canister on Sierra Cascade Tour?
« on: May 16, 2010, 02:11:50 am »
Hi Folks!
Yesterday the maps finally arrived - thank you ACA for doing such a fantastic job!!  What a tour this will be!  Don't know if I will be able to go this summer or next, but right now, looking out the window where I live in Germany, the rain is blowing horizontally and for May it is really cold! - well, checking out the maps will sure help me get through the day!!
In addition to my passion for cycle touring I am a JMT-Junkie and into semi-light backpacking - getting lighter every year!  These two sports really complement each other and my gear is just about the same for both.  I have a Bearikade Weekender carbon fiber bear canister that weighs about 2lbs. and also makes a nice camp stool. I have a good set-up to secure it on my back rack and it would replace a waterproof Ortlieb stuff sack that weighs 220g, about 1/2lb.  I'm aware that the campgrounds in areas where bears are an issue have bear boxes, and (for the company) I mainly stay at campgrounds and motels, but I am not opposed to stealth camping if I discover a really good spot and I am for some reason not inclined to ride on to the next campground.   
Hiking the JMT, the only time I have ever seen a bear was at the backpackers campground at Tuolumne Meadows where one stole my neighbor's sandwich off her table.   
Would it be an overkill to pack the bear canister?  I would really appreciate any thoughts on this! 
Cheers!  Susan

Hi Folks! 
In 2008 I did the ST starting in Jacksonville FLA going west.  I live in northern Germany -must escape the bad weather, and there is no place to tour that is as fun as in the good ole' USA!  For the end of Feb.2010 I saw a really cheap flight to Fort Myers and just grabbed it.   I would greatly appreciate any suggestions as to how to best connect with the ST - I have the Florida Connector map and would prefer not going too far east.  I plan to camp and stay in motels as well, whatever feels good, am a 60 yr.old female travelling alone and fairly light, and like to ride anywhere between 60 to 90 miles per day.  I'd like to thank Adventure Cycling for the great maps and service in general - and thanks to you members who contribute to the forum!

Routes / Southern Tier - Motels, Safety
« on: January 07, 2008, 05:14:03 am »
Hi Folks,         Can someone advise me please?  I am a 58-year old female living in Germany and wanting to travel along the Southern Tier Route westbound, starting in FLA in February 2008 or 2009.  My daily average will probably be about 60 miles, and I can manage 80 miles if necessary.  I travel light and want to stay in motels, no camping. I have the Adventure Cycling maps, but would like to hear from someone who has traveled this route - can I count on finding motels within max. 80 mile distance to one another along the route?   Is an average of US$45 a realistic figure of cost per night?   Last issue:  I am used to travelling alone and not a fearsome person - is there a reason (safety) not to do so?  
Greetings and thanks in advance for any help you can give me.     Susan

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