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Gear Talk / Winter gloves -- Glacier Gloves
« on: January 04, 2014, 09:42:18 pm »
I  just got a pair of Glacier Gloves as a Xmas gift.  I mtbike commute to work in Helena, MT where the winter air tends to be cold.  These gloves, unfortunately, do not work well insulating against the air.   I ride at 10-12 mph, and if there's any wind, add that to the windchill.    The air temp for my morning commutes have been in the teens.  Halfway through my commute yesterday, had to stop, and get out my mitts, I had fortunately brought along in commute bag.   On another trip, put them under my Izumi lobster mitts, which was fine....gave me an extra layer against the wind, which warmed my hands some, but defeated the purpose of the Glacier Gloves.  Would seem they may be better suited for warmer temps.  Tip to designers - if you wish to make them a true cold weather, waterproof glove, increase the fleece thickness, and add just a breath of thickness to the glove digits if one wishes to wear a polypro liner for extra warmth.

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