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Gear Talk / Power Supply on the road
« on: July 20, 2011, 12:52:11 pm »
Hello all:
 Long time reader, first time poster here.
To the old timers here let me say your posts are both informative and inspiring to us newbie's.

As of late I have been reading a lot of posts about taking  electronic devices along on the journeys and although my one or two day treks don’t compare with the TA's I have read about maybe some of my tinkering might help others. I have basically 5 powered devices, two cheep blinker lights one on the back of the bike and one helmet mounted. I run a regular old cheep wired bike speedometer and I have a DIY headlight that can be recharged with a wall charger or a DIY system I built and my connection to the world around, my iPhone. The photos show my iPhone 3GS but I now run with a iPhone-4. The mounting is different now but the concept the same. The iPhone gives me phone, GPS, cycle computer, email, camera, weather, news, and music / entertainment all in a small package. The application I use is Cyclemeter and is very amazing to me all it does for a $4.99 app. If anyone wishes to discuss any of this feel free to ask questions.
What I mainly wanted to post was the DIY battery recharger I made for under $10 that uses 8 AA batteries. The setup will recharge the phone at least 40 times and can be used as backup to recharge or power my light for days. With using AC to supplement the charging when available, I would think a person could go months without power worries setup this way. I might add the bike light is removable and doubles as a tent light / flashlight and also has a blink mode and with 20 LED's it throws amazing lumens to be seen but also to see when riding at night. The 8 AA batteries are configured 2 ways to give 6 or 12 volts. I use the 6vdc for the light and the 12vdc powers a lighter adapter thus you can charge any device that has a usb or other car adapter. The advantage of doing it this way is the car chargers have built into them voltage and current regulators and you don’t have to worry about damage to the sensitive electronics like you might with the generator setups.
Below are a few photos as this post is getting long winded. I will be happy to take more if someone wants to build one. Radio Shack has all parts.
Bike and handlebar bag that hold the unit:

View of cockpit:

Unit storage:

Charger and adapter: (much smaller car charger now with iPhone-4)

All the claptrap on bars:

That’s all folks, sorry for a long first post. :)

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