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General Discussion / My TA has begun
« on: April 23, 2012, 02:51:24 pm »
So i started my TA ride.  166 miles so far.  Left Bridgeport MCMWTC (marine corps mountain warfare training center) 3 days ago.  Great conditions along the route.  I took the 395 south to 120 east.  Gained Benton Crossing on day 2.  Slept on Montgomery Pass and dropped down into the NV desert (sweet downhill for 30 miles).  Riding was pleasent until 10 miles out of Tonopah NV.  Spirit CRUSHING headwinds, a grade into Tonopah with day time temps 98 degees.  Folks telling me this was a record heatwave.  I collapsed and had to be taken to the ER for 3 water bags (IV).  All was good after that...  Rest day today and I'll start night riding tomorrow.

My life savers.

Watch your heat out there. 

I'm off tomorrow for another 60 and then off to Rachel (Alien country) :)

click here to follow along.


I'm curious if anyone on this board has traveled this section of the country.  Looking like Cedar City to Pueblo on the WE is becoming a thorn in my side with the onset of Spring.  I'm still hoping I can take the full WE but I need to plan accordingly. 

This route goes south via Rt 18 through Enterprise and on to St George.  Take a look and I would love to hear your opionion.  I do realize services are tight along this route but thats ok cause I will be in full load mode.

General Discussion / Cost - WE to TA
« on: February 15, 2012, 11:08:57 am »
I've been trying to complete my budget for the upcoming ride.  I'll be taking the western express with a variation.  I'll be leaving from Bridgeport CA and heading south to the 120 east.  Then on to hwy 6 and all the way out to Cedar City to connect with the WE.  From that point I will continue on to the TA.  Now I do realize no services exisit beyond Lee Vining until I get to Benton Crossing then Tonopah NV.  My route -

The entire trip will be a tribute to our Marines and Sailors who are fighting and living in the dirt everyday.  With that said, I plan to dirt camp and boil food every night. 

I will be carrying a heavy load with full battle rattle (Storm gear and winter camping equipment).  Because of my experiences living in Yosemite National Park (out of bounds camping) I'd like to "commando camp" most of the way.  So the real cost I can see is gonna be food. 

How much would one budget on a tour like this?

Routes / A California Tour (Pleasanton CA to Mono Lake CA)
« on: January 23, 2012, 04:01:52 pm »

I thought this group would appreciate this.  If you're thinking about making this tour I will say that the route has beautiful 20 ft shoulders and brand new pavment.  Getting off the train in Pleasanton CA and heading out is safe and simple. 

Gear Talk / Which Schwalbe
« on: December 19, 2011, 08:09:17 pm »
I just found out that Schwalbe is going to throw me a set of tires as a sponsor for my ride/event.

Needless to say i was hoping to ask the group a question on choice of Schwalbe touring tire you'd choose.  I'm going to run the 700x35c size tires and was leaning toward the Marathon Plus HS 348's.  I'm wondering what the opionions are on these tires from folks who may be running them or have ridden them in the past.   

Thanks a bunch.

Tim Tuomey

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Downloading data from Garmin to PC
« on: December 07, 2011, 11:29:44 am »
I'm about to pick up a Garmin GPSmap60Cx and have a question about downloading the daily activity.  Next April I'll start the ride  (western express to the TA) for my charity event (  I would like to maintain a daily log of GPS information and the map60cx seems to be the best fit.  But I wasnt sure how it transfer's data from the device to a Netbook that I'll travel with.  The reason for the netbook is that it takes a USB port and the Garmin 60cx has the USB cable included. 

My question is this...  Does anyone know what the display looks like (what kind of file is transfered to a PC) and can I transfer the waypoint and such to a BING map or Google mapping platform.  If there is a weblink out there to walk me throught that would be great. 

And before anyone jumps on me "YES I have researched the ACA site for this info and none of my keywords brought up my answer".

I'm still researching touring / mapping websites to update everyone on my progress.

Many thanks ahead of time.

General Discussion / Computers and the bike
« on: November 04, 2011, 11:02:55 pm »
Next spring I'll be doing the western express to the TA.  I'm considering bringing my Lenovo Laptop.  I'd like to bring a smart phone that might not be in the budget.  Has anyone lugged their laptop cross country and if so your thoughts... 


Colorado / Dolores to Pueblo CO
« on: September 23, 2011, 12:01:23 pm »
Hi my name is Tim Tuomey and I'm currently in charge of a charity benefit ride that will run from April 12 to June 21st of 2012.  All of my information is on my site at  

This is my ride page for my question -

This thread is not intened to pitch the group but hopefully clear up some confusion and concerns I'm having about this portion of my ride.   Last night I ran into a TA rider in my small town of Miwuk Village CA.  I live in the Sierra so I'm very much use to the Mountains and what they can offer.  But when talking to this rider I told him about my plan to be in Dolores CO in early May and he said you'll never make it.  Now I've been lurking on this site and from what I can gleem this portion of the ride shouldn't be that bad even taking into consideration the month and altitude.  I will be self contained and will be prepared for the worse.  

So here is my question.  How bad was the roads from Dolores CO to Pubelo CO taking route 550 to the 50 (Dolores, Montrose, Poncha City and Pueblo)?  Also is there a southern option I can take from Cedar City through Northern AZ / New Mexico and up back to Pueblo.  

I've been to the Crazyguy's bike site and its kinda hard to pull information regarding this nich question.

Midwest / US Rt 60 (Springfield to Winona MO)
« on: September 03, 2011, 12:31:11 pm »
I'm planning a TA ride and after view Google earth and a few other maps can anyone tell me if Rt 60 is ok for TA riders? 


General Discussion / New Member Question
« on: August 19, 2011, 10:50:54 am »
Hello everyone my name is Tim and I was hoping to ask a few questions of this group for an upcomming fund raiser I'm planning.  My project is based on a transamerican ride.  I'll be riding from Marine Corp Mountain Warfare Training Center in Bridgeport CA to 2d Marine Division in Camp Lejune NC.  Your all probably wondering why Marine base to Marine base.  My fund raiser is called Operation Awakening and its mission is to raise funding and awareness for our returning wounded warriors.  I myself have served in the Marine Corp for 4 yrs (2d Recon Bn / 2d Mar Div).  

With that said my first question is this... Is there any TYPE of US hwys that I cannot ride on?  In other words my route has been tentatively planned (Date of Departure: 4/10/12) and (Date of Arrival: 6/21/2012).  I was going to post up my Google Map link but I think I'll wait till I can create more of a Dialog within the specific state forums (i.e. post route questions based on state.  

The above question will give me a better understanding of what US roads I can travel.  My plan is to pick up the TA route in Pueblo CO but the real crux will be from Bridgeport CA to Pubelo CO (going thru the desert and mountains) and then again from Damascus VA to Jacksonville NC.

Thanks ahead of time and I look forward to the interaction.

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